Two Simple Tricks to Get Kids to Smile for Photos

How to Get Kids to Smile for Photos

How to Get Kids to Smile for Photos We’ve all been there.  Maybe its a special event, or maybe you just want to grab a sweet pic of your kids with your phone.  The moment the camera comes out, someone starts crying, or grimacing, or they all run away!  This is one of the biggest […]

How to Make Yearly Photo Books without Getting Overwhelmed

I have a confession.  I have never finished a baby book.  I had the best of intentions to do it for my first two children.  I bought one of those cute baby books with blanks to fill in, and special spots for a photo to be attached.  I took plenty of photos of my children, […]

What to Wear for Family Portraits | Atlanta Family Photography

Your children are growing and changing so quickly! So that means the time for updated portraits is here!  And along with it comes what many find to be the most frustrating part of the process…finding what to wear! Dressing your family for portraits does not have to be a terrible experience. As a family photographer, […]

Behind the Scenes | The Programs I Use to Run My Photography Business

Tools for running a photography business

*If you want my discount codes…I give you permission to skip down the bottom of this post!* Today’s blog is more of a peek into the programs I use behind the scenes to keep my business running.  This is very important to me, because not only is each an investment for my business, but each […]