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Want to know a super top secret for how to get your family to relax and take photos that you want to hang all over your walls?

Let me back up a few steps. While I always get those shots of everyone posed and looking at the camera with smiles, I also give my clients lots of instructions involving movement during a session. These instructions for movement range from walking to tickling, to looking in at one another or playing patty cake. I once heard a sweet parent who was helping instruct their children during a session say, “Just pretend to walk but never stop smiling at the camera.” This is not the case at all! The absolute best photos come when everyone starts to relax and relate to each other as normal. This is why I give instructions for movement, its to help everyone loosen up, and start interacting with one another. Some of the best photos come in the in between moments, when I tell you to look at one another and someone starts giggling!

My best advice to get photos you love with your children, is to relax and play, interact with them like normal. Give them that kiss, touch their little nose, swing them around, look at them and tell them how special they are to you. I know it feels different from how you always imagine photos to be, but you are NOT required to always be looking straight at the camera. Instead, look at your loved ones, and that unique and special connection will show up in your final photos. And trust me, when children associate a photo session with the fun of snuggling and playing with their parents, they will walk away feeling loved and having enjoyed their time together instead of only being instructed to be still and smile.

If you’ve spent any time looking through my instagram feed or blog posts, you quickly see that so many of my favorite shots are those of my clients interacting and moving. My clients that have been working with me the longest have seen the incredible final image results of relaxing and enjoying one another during a session, and they even begin to naturally go in for that kiss with their wife and snuggle their little ones, making the session natural, fun, and enjoyable for them all!

Today I’m sharing a few of my recent favorite shots of my own kiddos! All of these were achieved by being playful with them instead of instructing them to stand and smile. My husband even took the camera and graciously allowed me to get in a few while I instructed his shots…the true sign of a loving and devoted husband!


Molly is a family, newborn, and brand photographer based out of Cumming, Georgia, serving the Atlanta area. To book your session, click here.

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