The Most Important Question to Ask Your In Home Newborn Photographer

Newborn baby in white sweater

Want to know a secret? Photographers always share the best of the best of their photos. When you scroll through websites and instagram, you will be viewing the best examples of a photographers work. Lighting is one of the key parts of creating a stunning image. What often makes the images you see so amazing […]

Five Ways to Incorporate Pink in Your Nursery Decor

As an in home newborn photographer, I travel all over Atlanta and the northern suburbs photographing sweet babies in their nurseries. My style of photography is natural and incorporates the nursery that families have designed for their little ones. Honestly one of the best parts of getting to photograph families in their homes is getting […]

What to Wear for Family Photos | Dress to Match Your Decor!

Family photos in picture frames hanging on walls

What to Wear for Family Photos: Dress to Match your Decor! When it comes to choosing outfits for family photos, the range of outfits options can feel overwhelming.  But I want you to take a step back and think about the end goal for your family portraits.  My favorite way to enjoy family portraits is […]

How to Take Magical Photos by the Christmas Tree

Magical Photos by the Christmas Tree

Christmas with kids is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Their natural joy and wonder make it even more meaningful and fun. Although our tree isn’t up quite yet, these shots from last year of my children in Christmas pajamas surrounding the tree is one of my favorites of all time! Since […]

How to Use Photos to Help Children Adjust to a New Baby

two children holding a newborn and touching her toes

One of my greatest joys as a mother is watching the love between my children grow and deepen.  I know how much my relationships with my own sisters has shaped my own life, and I am so grateful my children have the blessing of sibling relationships.  However…it wasn’t always easy.  One of the hardest transitions […]

How to Get Family Photos You Love

family photography, photo tips

Want to know a super top secret for how to get your family to relax and take photos that you want to hang all over your walls? Let me back up a few steps. While I always get those shots of everyone posed and looking at the camera with smiles, I also give my clients […]

Beach Photo Tips | Atlanta Area Photographer

beach photo tips

  Tips for Taking Photos at the Beach It’s that time of year when we all toss our worries away and head to the water to sink our toes in the sand and relax! Or…if you have kids like me, it would be more realistic to say it’s that time of year when we load […]

How to Look Your Best in Video Calls | Atlanta Photographer

Look Your Best in Your Next Video Call Thanks to Covid-19, we are spending a lot more time on video calls for both work and our family/social lives. I’m going to share some quick tips for how to look your best in these online calls! You can also apply this knowledge for taking selfies, family […]

How To Shoot in Manual | ISO Tutorial

ISO Tutorial

Today is the third and final post in my “How to Shoot in Manual” blog series.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1, which not only covers shutter speed, but also sets the foundation for this series and the importance of learning to shoot in manual.  You can also read Part […]

How to Shoot in Manual | Aperture Tutorial

Aperture Tutorial

Welcome to part 2 of the “How to Shoot in Manual” blog series.  The first post in this series served as an introduction to the importance of learning to shoot in manual and also covered shutter speed.  Click here to check out that post! Remember,   as you learned in the first blog post, there are […]