The Most Important Question to Ask Your In Home Newborn Photographer

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Want to know a secret? Photographers always share the best of the best of their photos. When you scroll through websites and instagram, you will be viewing the best examples of a photographers work. Lighting is one of the key parts of creating a stunning image. What often makes the images you see so amazing is how the photographer utilized light. When outdoors, photographers time their sessions and position their subjects in way to capture the natural light. When conducting an in home newborn sessions, photographers will often use the natural light coming through the windows. BUT, what happens if your nursery doesn’t get a lot of natural light?

There are so many factors when it comes to working in a client’s home for a newborn session. Nurseries are often one of the smallest rooms in the home, and depending on which direction the room faces or how many trees are in the yard, the room may not get a lot of natural light.

This is why the most important question you should ask an in home newborn photographer is: How do you handle indoor lighting?

If they say they only use natural light, RUN! I’ve been photographing in home newborn sessions for over 8 years. In that time, I have had some nurseries that are filled with light and breeze to shoot in. However, most in home sessions will require some additional, artificial light. Personally, I use a small, off camera flash that easily fits in small rooms and provides enough light to create the light and airy look in any room.

I used this lighting setup in all of the in home newborn sessions below. The first two images were taken in a room with zero windows!

Greenville Newborn Photography_2849.jpg
Greenville Newborn Photography_2848.jpg
Greenville Newborn Photography_2845.jpg
Greenville Newborn Photography_2850.jpg

The most most important question to ask your in home newborn photographer: How do you handle lighting?


Molly is an in home newborn photographer serving Greenville, South Carolina and the Upstate. To contact Molly about a session, click here.

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