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Portrait of mother and father standing in front of a crib holding their newborn daughter by Greenville photographer Molly Hensley

Deciding what to wear for your newborn session does not have to be stressful! As a Greenville photographer who has been photographing newborn sessions for the last nine years, I’m going to share 5 tips that will make selecting your outfits for newborn sessions a breeze.

The Color Scheme for your Newborn Session

I recommend families select clothing in neutral or soft tones. Examples of this can include white, cream, tan, soft pink, and soft blue. There are several reasons I recommend this color scheme. One is that the simple and soft colors enhance the light and airy look I create in my newborn sessions, and the soft colors eliminate distractions allowing the focus to be entirely on your baby. Another key reason is that bright and bold colors will actually reflect on your baby’s skin tone, altering it. In most newborn photos, your baby will be nestled in your arms. If you are wearing a bright or neon color, that color will create a color cast on your baby’s face. Soft and neutral colors will reflect light, and prevent unsightly color casts on the skin of your baby.

Dress to Match Your Decor

Yes, I said dress to match the decor! This tip is two-fold. My newborn sessions are conducted in my clients’ homes and nurseries. Naturally you do not want to clash with colors of the decor in the room that you are being photographed in. Neutrals will coordinate with any room decor. If you want to add in some soft colors, pull those colors from the decor of your nursery.

The second reason I advise dressing to match your decor, is because of the end goal of your portraits. That end goal is to have you portraits framed and displayed in your home on the walls. By dressing to match your decor, you can ensure your framed wall art will coordinate in your home seamlessly. To learn more about dressing to match your decor, check out this blog post.

Portrait of a mother seated on a daybed gazing at her newborn daughter by Greenville photographer Molly Hensley.

Start with You (Moms, I’m Speaking to You!)

I know from experience that you moms may not be feeling particularly glamorous in your post-partum days. This is why I recommend starting your outfit selection with YOU! High waisted, flowing dresses are the most comfortable and flattering options for new mothers. Maxi dresses provide an elegant look, but if you are very petit, a short dress would be a better option for you. When estimating for your sizing, you can select a dress that fit around the 6 month mark in your pregnancy, keeping in mind that your baby bump will be smaller, but your chest will most likely be larger after the birth of your baby. Many dresses offer a smocked, stretchy chest area that are helpful for this. And, can I let you in on a little secret? It is okay if your dress doesn’t zip all the way up! Through the years, many of my moms have a dress they love that may not completely close in the back, but this isn’t a problem at all, we simply clip it into place and you can never tell in final photos.

Portrait of a father holding his newborn baby in front of a white crib by Greenville Photographer Molly Hensley.

What to Wear for your Newborn Session: Dads

This one is pretty easy! Most men have an option already hanging in their closet that will work beautifully for newborn sessions. A pair of khaki pants or slacks along with a button down shirt in a soft blue or neutral color (white works great). After selecting your dress for mom, I would then select a button down shirt from your partner’s closet that coordinates well with your color. Other options can include Henley shirts or sweaters depending on the time of year.

What to Wear for your Newborn Session: Baby

I advise selecting 2-3 looks for your baby. I tell my clients that we can definitely include 2 outfits, and if things are going well, we can add in the third. As a Greenville photographer, I’ve found the most popular options for newborns include heirloom dresses that have been passed down in the family, simple white swaddles, Beaufort Bonnet Bow Swaddles, and traditional children’s clothes such as white sweater sets and gowns.

Photo of three young boys holding their newborn brother by Greenville photographer Molly Hensley.

What to Wear for Your Newborn Session: Siblings

Keep it simple. Once your dress and and dad’s shirt are all settled, add in simple options in coordinating colors for your other children. Look around your nursery and pull colors from your decor. The boys in the above photos went with a color scheme of all soft blues. Below, you’ll see brother dressed in all white, which is an easy option if you aren’t sure what to select! Since most newborn sessions occur indoors, shoes aren’t necessary. Letting the children be barefoot adds to the comfort and nostalgia of portraits taken in your home.

Another method of selecting outfit colors is based on the gender of the new baby. Many parents enjoy the rest of the family wearing pink tones for baby girls, and blues for little boys.

Portrait of toddler holding her newborn sister by Greenville photographer.

I hope this helps you select what to wear for your newborn session. I like to work closely with my clients to help them make selections that will enhance their portraits, providing a timeless look. If you are looking for a Greenville photographer, I would love to photograph your newborn session! You can contact me here.

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Molly Hensley is a Greenville photographer who specialized in in-home newborn photography and on location family photography.

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