Greenville Newborn Photography


Greenville Newborn Photography

I started photographing this family over 8 years ago, when it was just the two of them and their two dogs. Through the years I had the honor of watching them grow, welcoming twins followed by two more sweet boys. I photographed all four boys’ newborn photography sessions, and it is such an amazing thing to return through the years and be able to chat and play with them all! Serving families, documenting the changes as they grow and develop is such a joy. Through the years, my pricing and expertise has changed, but this family has continued to choose me and invite me back to document their memories. I was thinking about how this is possible, and my current life experiences give a lot of insight to why I think it is.

My family and I have spent the last few months renovating our house, and I’ve learned a lot of lessons about what makes a good business through this experience (mostly by experiencing the BAD examples of what not to do!) I strive to be better with every single session, always looking to top my last one. I always respond in a timely manner, and listening is key to make sure every client has the best possible experience and feels cared for. Above all, I don’t want my clients to only love their photos, but I want them to love their entire experience.

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Molly serves clients all over the Upstate and Greenville with newborn photography. To contact Molly about your session, click here.

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Meet Molly

Molly specializes in family & newborn photography in  Greenville, SC. A former teacher and mother of three, she is known for capturing the joy & love of families.  Photo sessions with Molly turn family memories into artwork for your home and for generations to come.