South Carolina Heirloom Portraits | What to Look for in an Heirloom Photographer


South Carolina heirloom vignette portraits are a long standing southern tradition. These white vignetted childhood portraits have been around for years! I’m so excited to offer an updated version of these classics. You can learn more about my heirloom offerings here. These formal portraits of childhood are carefully crafted to capture the details of your child’s expressions.

South Carolina heirloom portraits with a white vignette of a red headed young girl in color and black and white.

What to Expect during an Heirloom Portrait Sitting

  • We begin this experience with the actually portrait taking process. I will work with your child for about 15 minutes to capture authentic expressions and smiles during this South Carolina heirloom portraits. As a mother of 3, former teacher, and children’s photographer for over 9 years, I have a knack for interacting with children. I playfully talk with them to help them feel comfortable so we coax out genuine expressions and smiles.
  • Immediately afterwards we review the images together. I help parents pick their favorite images that really capture the personality of their child.
  • Next we go over framing options. The whole goal of these portraits is to have a professionally framed images that will hang on your wall for generations! That’s why I provide archival quality framing that will look amazing on your family walls for years to come.
South Carolina heirloom portraits with a white vignette of a red headed young boy in color and black and white.

What to Look For in a South Carolina Heirloom Photographer

With the popularity of heirloom photography on the rise, there are a few key things to look for when selecting your photographer. One is to make sure they can reproduce these images in a manner where they will match future portraits. The children featured here are a great example of this! The parents had these heirloom portraits taken of their older two children. They also have twin one year olds who they plan to sit for heirloom portraits in a few years. All four portraits will hang together in their formal dining room. So it is key that your photographer be able to replicate their process to get matching portraits! This is why I have a special editing process that produces pure white backgrounds and vignettes for images that are guaranteed to match.

South Carolina heirloom portraits with a white vignette of a red headed young girl and her red headed brother.

Why Proper Printing and Framing is Key!

This family chose the two portraits featured above to be framed for their home. Proper printing and framing is key for these formal portraits! The pure white backgrounds are best displayed on fine art cotton papers. If you print at a local consumer based photo printer, your backgrounds will lose the pure white quality. Framing can be quite complicated to navigate. This is why a walk clients through every step of the process.

I offer a line of gold and silver framing that fit perfectly with these heirloom portraits. They gold and silver lend themselves to the formal quality of the images. I help clients can select the best size and color for their home. In addition I have a line of full acrylic frames for those who prefer a more modern take on this traditional vignetted portrait.

Ready to Schedule your South Carolina Heirloom Portraits?

Click here to inquire about a session. I offer sessions in Easley, South Carolina as well as in host homes. If you would like heirloom portraits of your child and also have several friends interested, you can contact me to host an Heirloom Session Pop Up! I will come to your home and scheudle multiple sittings back to back. Hostesses will earn discounts on their session and artwork for every child that signs up to visit the event!


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