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The path to motherhood is an exciting and life changing experience. While it may not feel like it during your pregnancy, it really does fly by! In this post, I’m covering the timeline for when you should plan to have your maternity portraits taken. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should schedule Greenville SC maternity photos, check out this recent blog post.

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Contact Your Photographer at the Beginning of your Second Trimester

When it comes to Greenville family photography sessions, it’s always best to schedule early. The busiest seasons for photographers is fall, so if you know you need a maternity session around that time, please reach out early! A good time to contact your photographer is at the beginning of your second trimester. This is usually around the time of your second obgyn appointment, so you can add a note to yourself in your calendar reminding you to reach out and secure your session.

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Schedule Your Greenville SC Maternity Session between 28-32 weeks

When it comes to your actual session, the ideal timing is between 28 and 32 weeks. I’ve found this is a sweet spot for moms to schedule maternity photos in Greenville. This time frame allows for your baby bump to be fully showing but is before you begin to feel extra uncomfortable towards the end of your pregnancy.

Another reason the 28-32 week time frame works best is because it allows for time to reschedule due to weather or other unplanned issues that may arise. It also seems to be a safe time frame in case your baby decides to make their appearance early!

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Consider a Membership!

Your Greenville maternity photos are just the beginning of a new and exciting time in your life. I offer First Year Memberships for clients who want to document the journey from bump to birthday and everything in between! These memberships allows parents to choose 2 or more sessions over an 18 month period. Popular sessions for memberships are maternity, newborn, sitter, and first birthday photo sessions. Working with one photographer for these sessions allows the complete story of your baby to be told. Another perk is that you can opt for a custom designed album that we build as we go. That means we select a few images from each session and at the end of your membership we have a completed album that your baby will cherish as they grow older.

Three photo collage of a couple during maternity portrait session.

Inquire about Your Greenville Maternity Session!

Are you an expecting mom who is interested in scheduling your maternity session? Click here to contact me and inquire about a session. To see the latest and behind the scenes, come follow along on Instagram.

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