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Portraits of a pregnant woman cradling belly in red dress by Greenville Maternity Photographer

Greenville Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is truly a beautiful and amazing thing. But let’s be honest here….not all parts of pregnancy are exactly glorious. I think that’s why many women will skip over maternity photos and instead wait for their baby to born for newborn portraits. I specialize in Greenville maternity photography and I think this is a big mistake! I’m going to share the top three reasons why you shouldn’t skip over maternity photos.

Expecting Mother smiling for a portrait while holding her belly by Greenville Maternity Photographer

1. A Chance to Celebrate Your Body

During pregnancy our body goes through so many changes very quickly. As women, it can often be difficult to deal with the rapid changes. It is easy to get distracted by the negative changes and focus on those. Maternity portraits provide you the opportunity to focus on the beautiful parts of pregnancy. I truly believe your perspective makes all the difference. Instead of worrying over the changes on the scale or the marks pregnancy can leave on your body, maternity portraits can help you celebrate the amazing thing your body is doing. My goal as a Greenville maternity photographer is to show you just how beautiful you are! You are sacrificially growing a baby, and we will celebrate the gift of children and that your body is capable of such a wonder. I know pregnancy can feel like it lasts forever…especially in that last month! But in the span of things, it is a short season. Maternity portraits allow you to look back on this short season and see all the beauty in it!

Mother and father in a nose to nose pose with hands on the mothers pregnant belly for Greenville Maternity photography.

2. Everything is About to Change!

Whether this is your first baby or 5th, your family changes forever with the birth of a child. Maternity portraits allow you a chance to document your family at this moment in time before it changes forever. It’s a way to remember your special family connections before you add a new family member. You can feel the excitement and anticipation of welcoming a new forever family member in all the portraits.

Husband smiling at his pregnant wife for a Greenville maternity portrait.

3. If Not for You, Do It For Your Baby

As a mom of older children, I’ve shared many times how all family portraits may be for you right now, but ultimately it is for your children. My own children each have an album of their first year of life. Each album includes everything from maternity photos through their first birthday. They ADORE looking through their baby books. They are in awe to see photos when they were in my belly! As mothers we carry a lot of the mental and emotional load for our family. One of these loads that we carry is being the family historian. By this I mean we are tasked with documenting the childhood of our kids so they can have it when they are adults. They can look back and reminisce and will one day share these photos with their own children. So while you may not feel your best during pregnancy, keep in mind that these photos are for the generations to come!


Molly Hensley is a newborn and family photographer, and specializes in Greenville Maternity Photography. You can contact Molly about a session here.

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