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I love continuing the Southern tradition through timeless heirloom portraits. Serving the area of Greenville, South Carolina, my hand-edited pure white backgrounds and meticulous attention to detail createes elegant, formal, and truly one-of-a-kind portraits. I take pride in helping you preserve your family’s legacy, ensuring that these portraits stand the test of time and become cherished treasures passed down for generations to come.


The Art of Heirloom Photography in Greenville South Carolina

In today’s digital world photos come and go with the swipe of a finger. However, there’s something incredibly special about the tradition of heirloom photography. These portraits go beyond the fleeting nature of digital images; they become tangible symbols of your family’s story. My goal is to create works of framed art that meant to be admired and treasured for years to come.


Hand-Edited White Vignetted Heirloom Portraits

I take great care in creating a timeless and classic look for your heirloom portraits. The hand-edited pure white backgrounds provide a clean and sophisticated canvas, allowing the focus to remain on the subjects themselves. This detailed attention to the editing process ensure that all of your children’s portraits will match!


Custom Framing

Preserving your heirloom portraits goes beyond capturing the perfect image. I offer custom framing options to elevate your portraits to the level of fine art. My selection of high-quality frames and fine art photographic paper ensures that your portraits are displayed at their best. With my assistance, you can select frames that perfectly complement your home’s decor. This family will be hanging these exact three portraits side by side in their home in one of our custom silver frames.


Creating a Legacy

One of the most beautiful aspects of heirloom portraits is their ability to create a lasting legacy. I take great pride in our skill to replicate the exact look for future children or siblings, ensuring that all your portraits harmonize seamlessly. These formal, traditional portraits become an integral part of your family’s history, a tangible connection to your past and a gift for your future generations.


Assistance and Personalization with Your Heirloom Photos

I understand that creating the perfect heirloom portrait requires careful consideration and guidance. As your dedicated photographer, I work closely with you throughout the entire process. From selecting the best expressions to choosing the ideal framing options, my goal is to bring your vision to life while preserving the authenticity of these cherished moments.


Preserving Your Family’s Heritage through Heirloom Portraits

In a world of constant change, heirloom photography offers a sense of stability and timelessness. These elegant and formal portraits not only capture the beauty of the present but become a lasting reminder of the love and connection that define your family’s heritage.


Through hand-edited pure white backgrounds, custom framing, and attention to detail, I create elegant and timeless heirloom portraits. Contact me today to begin the journey of capturing your cherished moments and creating a lasting legacy through heirloom portraits.

Photographer Molly Hensley holding Greenville heirloom portraits that have been framed.


Molly is a Greenville South Carolina Heirloom Photographer. To contact Molly about a session, click here.

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Meet Molly

Molly specializes in family & newborn photography in  Greenville, SC. A former teacher and mother of three, she is known for capturing the joy & love of families.  Photo sessions with Molly turn family memories into artwork for your home and for generations to come.