What to Wear for an Heirloom Portrait

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Heirloom white vignetted portrait of a young boy by Greenville Heirloom photographer Molly Hensley.

Molly is a Greenville heirloom portrait photographer who provides clients with white vignetted formal portraits of children.

Heirloom portraits are a southern tradition that creates a timeless and formal portrait of childhood. It is very important to dress in a manner that reflects this feel! I’m sharing three tips to guide you when selecting what to wear for an heirloom portrait.

Black and white and color white vignette heirloom photos by Greenville Heirlooom  photographer Molly Hensley.

1. Select Mainly White Outfits for Heirloom Photos

The background and vignette on these heirloom portraits are a pure white. To keep with the traditional look, I recommend selecting white outfits. If you choose to include color, I recommend choosing outfits that are mainly white with soft colors in the details. Think white with light blue or pink stitching or piping details.

2. Choose a Top with a Collar for Heirloom Portrait

These bust portraits showcase children from the elbows and up. The focus is on their face and expression. Try to select a top that has a collar to bring the focus to the face. For older boys, this may be a plain white collared button down shirt. For younger boys, this may be a peter pan collar. Girls may opt for peter pan collars, bishop dresses, or smocked dresses. Even though the smocked and bishop dresses don’t have a collar, the smocking creates the visual effect of a collar by bringing the focus towards the face.

3. Include Sleeves for Heirloom Photos

The vignette shows the tops of shoulders, so I recommend selecting an outfit with sleeves. Short sleeves work beautifully and long sleeves would also look great too.

Bonus Tips: Where to Shop for Heirloom Portaits

Most local classic children’s boutiques will have great options! Below are links to some local and brand name shops where you can find the perfect option:

Greenville: The Grey Goose

Clemson: Southern Heirs Kids

Atlanta: Baby Braithwaite

Online and available in most classic boutiques: Feltman Brothers

If you want a custom extra special option: Elizabeth Layne Heirloom

Heirloom white vignetted portrait of a young boy by Greenville Heirloom photographer Molly Hensley.

Molly is a Greenville heirloom photographer serving the upstate with custom framing and portrait photography. Greenville area heirloom portraits are offered monthly. Specialty travel pop ups are announced via the email list.

To inquire about a Greenville heirloom portrait session, click here.


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