3 Tips for Cake Smash Photo Sessions

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Portraits of a one year old in a high chair for cake smash photos in Greenville.

I’m sharing tips for cake smash photos in Greenville, South Carolina.  I have been photographing children over the last 9 years, and have had the joy of photographing children from newborn throughout their first year milestones. One fun tradition many parents like to include is the cake smash. I’m sharing 3 tips a successful cake smash!

Portrait of a one year old boy on his first birthday by Greenville Photographer.
An older brother snuggles his baby brother while posing for Greenville photographer.

1. Get portraits before the cake enters the picture.

While the cake is fun and memorable, you will always cherish first birthday portraits of your little one! I recommend take some portraits before the cake is involved, because once you hand them the cake, there is no going back!  I like to spend some time taking individual first birthday photos, and photos with the whole family before the cake smash portion of the session begins.

One year old boy cake smash photos.

2.  Keep it simple

Have you ever seen the glamour shots of the 80’s and 90’s?  The ones in the mall where you put on sequined hats and blazers and far too much blue eyeshadow? If not, go google it now!  That will reinforce my preference to keep it simple!  You don’t need lots of props or distractions.  The entire focus on these images should be a celebration of your baby and not some crazy or elaborate them.  Photographing their reaction and response to that first taste of icing is what this is all about.

I even advise to keep the cake simple!  Ditch the props and focus on your baby.  And this may ruffle some feathers, but truthfully a good photographer can make art out of the simplest moments and doesn’t need all the extra fluff. The only things I would include are a high chair or blanket for baby to sit on if outdoors.

A three year old boy extends his icing covered finger to his baby brother during cake smash photos in Greenville.
Cake smash photos greenville sc

3. Bring in some help

In my experience, there are two reactions to cakes during the cake smash.  One is that your baby will enthusiastically dig right in! The other is that your child may be hesitant and unsure.  This is where I advise having a family member step in to help!  I will invite a sibling or parent to get a little icing on his or her finger and offer it to the baby.  If your baby is still hesitant, then let him or her see you taste a bit first. I find older siblings are usually very happy to help in this endeavor!

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